Jumat, 30 April 2010

Take Me Out...

I was so grumpy yesterday, yeah pissed off and 'emo' mixed one.
Its all because of HIM (read: LOVE). Why it should about love? I dont know, but thats what I felt.
I used to close with someone and i do love him til now, but you know.. i got ex-s and they're a bit annoying, why dont they just set me free for closing with anyone else?!

Take me out to the place where I could scream, could cry, loudly.. Could take my problems off surely. Could chill me down.

Take me out to the place where I could heal my pain, just be with you.. Just both of us.

Take me out to the place I can breathe.. To the place I would be free at last. The place where is no pain at all.

i typed it on Twitter and realized i had created a sudden-poem :p

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