Jumat, 30 April 2010


Bagas Putra Dinata

Take Me Out...

I was so grumpy yesterday, yeah pissed off and 'emo' mixed one.
Its all because of HIM (read: LOVE). Why it should about love? I dont know, but thats what I felt.
I used to close with someone and i do love him til now, but you know.. i got ex-s and they're a bit annoying, why dont they just set me free for closing with anyone else?!

Take me out to the place where I could scream, could cry, loudly.. Could take my problems off surely. Could chill me down.

Take me out to the place where I could heal my pain, just be with you.. Just both of us.

Take me out to the place I can breathe.. To the place I would be free at last. The place where is no pain at all.

i typed it on Twitter and realized i had created a sudden-poem :p

Get Your One Shoulder OFF!!

what i wore: Black plain one shoulder-Mangga Dua; Oversized denim shirt-Dad's; Washed legging-Yuan; Old school ankles-Shanghai

xx taken by my sweety-pie 'lil cousin xx


So sorry guys for late updates, i just too busy few days and now i really just got back to blog and cyberspace *cries-over

"I'll always be your friend. No matter what you love." -Jacob Black

Rabu, 21 April 2010

New Bangs!

I cut my new bangs, just shorten it up. Actually, I never used my 'short' bangs, i just love my hair with right-sided bangs. So, what's exactly the new bangs for? Here are the pics..

fav this one!

Minggu, 18 April 2010

Today's fave quotes

"You give me everything just by breathing" -Edward Cullen

Wish i could turn back the time. But this is real life, cannot be rewinded cannot be forwarded. Everything goes on.." -Giovanni Anggasta

2nd Photoshop Project


I put something different for my 2nd project, unlike the 1st. I used an image of my favorite singer, Lady Gaga and touch it up in a cool way into change like this.......

what i did on photoshop: treshold, coloring, brush, contrast, level, color adjustments, font, etc.